Saturday, 17 November 2012

Parking Reminder

Parking Reminder is a small, intuitive and easy-to-use application. Designed to be able to add an unlimited amount of map'll never get lost again!

Find you back to any location.
If you are in unfamiliar territory, put a pin in the map;
then at a later point recall the pin and get pointed back to your original location.

Ideal if you have parked a car or are staying in a hotel on your travels or vacation in unfamiliar territory.

Parking becomes easy. Take the stress out of finding your way back to your hotel.
You can also pre-pin locations so you can easily find  them. Make sure you are never late for another appointment again. Quite Simply never get lost again.

1. Creating a Pinned Location

The first time you launch Boomerang List you will see the following screen:

To create your first pinned location, select the 'Add New Location' button. You should then see the following screen.

The map will be located to where you currently are. You can pan around the map by dragging it about, you can also zoom in and out by using the pinch gesture and a reverse pinch. So set you location you can tap the map or drag the red pinning icon to where you want the location to be.

You will also notice that you must give the location a name. Enter a name into the text box and the 'OK' button becomes available as shown below

When you select the 'OK' button this will save the current location and return you back to the main menu.

You can create as many location as you like.

To edit a location you do a long press over the location and a quick action menu will appear, as shown below.

Fro the quick action menu you can:

  • Edit the location (this allows you change location and name of location)
  • Delete location
  • Get Pointed to location from where you are currently at (Also achieved through tap of location)
To get pointed back to a location you either tap a location or select the option from the quick action bar. This will open the following screen:

The pointing arrow will point you in the correct direction from wherever you have positioned the map. The map by default will be at your current location.

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